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Via A. Remmert n.20 - 10077 S.Maurizio (TO) - ITALY - Tel. +39.(0)11.927.80.43 - Fax. +39.(0)11.927.50.38 - email: - P.Iva 03734650017


Remmert S.p.A was founded in the 1874 by Domenico Valle and Andrea Remmert and afterwards was bought by the Martinetto’s Family who still has the ownership today. We are one of the leading company amongst the woven tape market, either fixed and elastic, in Italy and abroad, operating in different areas namely: items for furnishings and clothing, footwear, leather goods and different kinds of medical supplies and industrial tapes. Our products adorn and give a touch of style to the garments and furnishing accessories of the most famous Italian and foreign brands and names. Remmert’s clothing and dressmaking accessories, labels and tapes are known and appreciated throughout the world.


During the 140 years of our history, all Made in Italy, we have always believed in making a product of superb quality, extremely detailed, able to combine in the best way possible our enviable know-how in weaving with the intent of best-responding to our customer’s needs even anticipating them. Being trend-setter is in our DNA as we have always looked to best conjugate our great tradition with the innovation of an avant-garde product, all this by investing in research, development and always exceeding our limits. 

Paying attention to details and focusing on quality have become ingrained in our company culture and have been strengthened by continuous investments in the most advanced technologies.

The respect and enhancement of our human resources together with the inevitable passion that ties us to our work have allowed us to go over the periods of crisis without fearing a global market that is becoming always more demanding and that tends to standardize everything and winks the very low labor costs of the emerging markets.

Remmert has always guaranteed precision in its products for all types of clothing.

Tapes, bias tapes, kick tapes and reinforcing tapes: a complete collection of reliable products adaptable to every need, with our traditional attention to elegance for good measure.

This is why Remmert technical products have become authentic fashion accessories.


In the early 2000 from the intuitive genius of the Martinetto’s Family in partnership with Profit Service comes the idea to create a tape that thanks to its technical details is able to replace the bias bindingallowing an adaptability never seen before also in curve profiles significantly decreasing the waste. 

The product, that today is an exclusive patent, has actually dramatically innovated the way to edge and finish compared to the past as today it’s possible to apply a flexible personalization where once it was thought impossible, adapting it to the demands of the line.

The Comfort tape is also usable in the premade waist band for trousers giving that extra stretch the garment requires.

It is possible to apply a great range of prints and different patterns to the Comfort tape, moreover thanks to its technical details the tape allows a jacquard customization that keeps always readable also in the curves.

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