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Bottonificio Padano S.p.a. 

Via Scapacchiò, 23

35030 Saccolongo PD P.IVA

T. +39 049 8015055

F. +39 049 8015142

Since the early 90's we have produced buttons which immediately translate into ideas, proposals, and supplies. Our long and unrivalled experience, which has grown with us since the early nineties through no less than four generations, and the consolidated knowledge of labour and production make Bottonificio Padano a partner of choice in the field of international fashion.



Each button we create has traces of meaning in it these tell of the paths which lead from the very idea of product to its true excellence. We access every single corner on the planet with new materials and original proposals, admired for their engineering, for the experience and the technological innovation they show and sustained by prompt and punctual logistics at the service of workshops of a completely globalized network of world producers.


becomes our “mental attire” throughout the whole cycle, from the sourcing of raw material to production and the related commercial activities. 


We want to anticipate and guess the aesthetic project of our Client, offering what they need in order to carry out his creations, just as they conceived them. 

Each button represents a  “project”, a creative one, technically, and productivelly, a commercial and logistic one. 

  • Technical and aesthetical assessment of raw materials and production phases

  • Standards for selection

  • Creative work in line with economic and organizational

  • Research and innovation in the creation of prototypes

  • Re-interpretation of the buttons which make up our historical patrimony


For each material, shape and colour we know its features, history and what it can offer, within which aesthetic frame it can be most valued.


This enchanting experience is our company’s history. Constantly aiming at beauty and perfection, service and satisfaction, for fashion designers and for those who turn their projects into realities, from one continent to the other. 



The selection of shells and blanks to be used for buttons is carried out directly on-site in the collection areas (Australia, Indonesia and Polynesia). 

Our mother-of-pearl comes only from unprotected species (Trocas, Tahiti and Australia), but conveniently safeguarded by standards that the governments of the Pacific establish to ensure conservation and reproduction of marine species. This guarantees a future for the local people, for whom the collection and transformation of shells constitute an important resource for their living.


Very well-known as "vegetable ivory” and traditionally used for the production of hair clips, rings, buckles and buttons, corozo is the fruit of "Phitelephas Macrocarpa” an autochthonous palm-tree which grows in Ecuadorian micro-climates.

Corozo (also known as “tagua”) is a natural and ecological product, and its periodical picking from wild plants helps maintain the plentiful presence of the vegetation, thus contributing to the reduction of the dramatic effects of deforestation in those areas.

Corozo nuts contain grains of different sizes; these are full of a sort of “milk” which is quite similar to that of the coconut: by a process of natural drying, this milk solidifies, becoming hard and taking on particular features which make it similar to ivory.


Bottonificio Padano purchases horn directly from its original areas, keeping trace of the demands posed by the trends in fashion styling.

The raw material is obtained from animal horn of unprotected races, cow or buffalo, breed for food purposes, in the area of the Indian Ocean.

In those areas, the fashion segment has brought about the qualification of a new artisan who, after the initial selection, turns crude horn into semi finished materials. 


EURA™ of Bottonificio Padano represents an important innovation from the traditional production of urea used to create buttons; Bottonificio Padano has conceived an original formula, thickening horn dust in prevailing quantities and obtaining a very flexible material of natural origin which may be dyed in an infinite range of colours. 


The demand of meeting new aesthetic requirments lies at the base of the creation of new materials. Just like the others, these materials are all man-made, as they actually do not exist in nature, not even as basic raw materials.

We create buttons with no limitations to thickness or size. These are indeed very similar to those made with natural materials such as mother-of-pearl, Tortoise and so on, or totally different in “images and structures which only exist in our minds”, and at all times, we guarantee the standards required.


Bottonificio Padano is one of the Centers which act as a concrete and material point of reference for the History of Button.

We would be very glad to bring all these passions together and share these interests with you.

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