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Via J. Watt 3/7
41012 Carpi MO Italia
Telefono + 39 059 646711
Fax +39 059 641862
C.F./P.IVA IT02585880368



Unit A, 4th Floor, Wui Wah Factory Building
1035/1037 Yee Kuk West Street,
Lai Chi Kok, Hong Kong
九龍 荔枝角, 醫局西街1035 /1037號,
滙華工廠大廈, 4樓A室
Phone +852 2866 6651
Fax +852 2861 3965



New York, USA
Phone +1 212 229 9825


A detail here, an accessory there; are the little touches that make all the difference. This is Reca Group’s philosophy in its search for the unique, the personal and the exclusive.

Labels, hangtags, and packaging; whether simple or elaborate, they are defining a brand. Since its establishment in 1960, the Italian company from Carpi (Modena) is enjoying international recognition as a leader in its market due to its chic, up-to-date accessories that center stage as meaningful fashion code details. An enterprising, young and dynamic company, Reca Group has succeeded in reinventing, redesigning and repackaging fashions in bold new styles. Attentive to every particular: creative design, avant-garde technology, successful strategic choices, in-depth knowledge of different markets, and above all perfectly calibrated tailor-made solutions for clients. Reca Group is also present in USA, in New York and in China, in Hong Kong.

Our reasons,

Our team
Although Reca Mainetti Group’s modernity derives from the avant-garde technologies and information systems, the real driving force  for its success are the people, its staff. Experience, creativity, dynamism and team spirit add value to the products and fuel the passion to discover the best solutions to meet the clients’ needs throughout the world.

Creative synergies
Over the years, thanks to the continuous co-operation and creative dialogue with its clients, Reca Group has established important relationships with some of the most prestigious names in the global fashion business, who put their trust in this company and its dynamic young team because they are certain to find reliable tailor-made solutions.

Monitoring Trends
One of the company’s strong points is the way it constantly updates on the latest fashion trends. A continuous hunting for new ideas, suggestions and hints regarding the future fashions.  Being always informed of what is “cool” and focusing on the research of materials and cutting-edge techniques is what makes it possible to create products with a style of their own, contemporary but out of the ordinary.

Innovative Design
Its ability to design and “invent” innovative accessory collections, avant-garde products with a life of their own and an “out of the box” feeling means that Reca Group is inevitably committed to innovation in both design and technology. Creative research focuses not only on individual items but also on whole collections, when desired by the client.

Design and brand harmony
It is the continuous exchange of ideas and suggestions, based on teamwork and not on monologues that drive clients to choose Reca Group as their creative interlocutor. A relationship built on trust, where research and development produce made-to-measure articles in tune with the client’s own brand image.

Logistical Solutions
Reca Group has distribution units in Italy, the US and Asia, and together with a capillary logistic coverage can offer rapid delivery all over the world. Also It can provide personalized logistical solutions designed to suit all kinds of productive relocation needs.

Stock management
In order to ensure the constant availability of merchandise and its distribution through decentralized offices, Reca Group makes its warehouses in Italy, the US and Asia available to clients, offering a merchandise service including storage, monitoring, transport and packing lists.

Orders online
Reca Group clients and partners benefit from free access for themselves and their manufacturers to a personalised web catalogue 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Here they can visualise their own products and the state of their current orders (numbers ordered, sent, awaiting transport, etc), request delivery, download documents, and much more.

Cost control
Reca Group’s decades of experience and continual growth in the clothing sector, thanks to which it has gradually built up a profound knowledge of all aspects of producing whole accessory packages linked to clothing, such as labels, tags, packaging, finishing and cool accessories. Having the Reca Group as main partner in the production and distribution of a complete range of accessories means that clients can make big savings on organizational costs.

Quality control
Reca Group places its top-notch technical and graphic design know-how at the disposal of its clients and partners. This results in a broad and constantly developing range of accessory collection proposals based on the latest techniques and market trends. All merchandise produced, whether in Italy or Asia, is subject to stringent quality controls that guarantee compliance with the commissioned features, norms applicable at the country of the final destination and resistance to washing and/or other treatments.

As well as image harmony and product quality, the company also guarantees the latest anti-counterfeiting systems for brand protection: RFID, holographic applications, exclusive materials and numbered batches.

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