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Ezio Ghiringhelli S.p.A.
Via Ronchetti, 25
21040 Oggiona S.Stefano (Varese) ITALIA


​Ezio Ghiringhelli, is an historical company and leader in the Italian textile industry, founded by Mr. Ezio Ghiringhelli in 1951, in Oggiona S.Stefano, in the region of Varese. To meet the needs of a market which is constantly evolving, Ezio’s son, Franco Ghiringhelli, introduces modern technological innovations in a bid to remove old technological production barriers. His objective - to create a wide selection of products which enables him to serve all his customers’ requirements, in synergy with the most prestigious Italian and overseas companies. Thanks to its experience and a deep knowledge of the product, Ezio Ghiringhelli is proud to be able to offer an extremely high level of quality, reinforcing its direct collaboration with customers throughout the world.


Market demands change over time, not only in terms of the productive capacity of traditional linings but especially in terms of diversification of the product. The company characterizes itself with a strong creative flair and expertise which guarantees style innovation and avant-garde in the collections it exhibits at the most important international textile fairs. The articles distinguish themselves by an extreme attention to detail and to the high quality of yarns used: cupro, viscose, acetate, polyester, elastane, cotton, patterned yarns created in order to make the fabrics unique, each developed and produced starting from unified bases, ratiere, traditional jacquards, personalized or placed without ratio, string dyed lines, checked. The company is able to offer cylinder and ink jet printing, with innovative and luxury-feel finishing. The chemical laboratory is equipped to carry out dyeing trials and instrumental recipe sampling, and also for production quality control so that it can give the highest quality standards. Equipment including a Hoffman press for stability control, validated to conduct the DIN 53894 test.

Today quality means precise planning and control during each stage in lining production: from weaving through to shipping, without forgetting complete customer care service which is a core element in managing customer relations. During recent years the company has made significant investments in order to improve and update its production technology, with modern and fast looms, mechanized transport and wrap lines, and modern computerized quality control systems. It realises that the only way to achieve and maintain the highest quality standards is by continuous commitment to the understanding of raw materials, and employing a fully qualified workforce whose experience lies in technological improvements and new production techniques. In this way it has been possible to build a service system capable of meeting the constantly evolving needs of the marketplace.

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